House rules

House rules for the Owners’ Association Østerpark

Section 1

The facilities of the property are under the protection of the residents. Residents who dirty stairs, lifts, cellars, garages or garden facilities are under an obligation to clean up. Please take care of the vegetation. It is prohibited to cut off branches and flowers.

Section 2

Any form of noise and playing on stairs, in cellars, and in the garage facilities is prohibited.

It is prohibited to draw or paint on the property’s woodwork or brickwork or to damage the property or the property facilities in any other way.

It is prohibited to shoot balls against the walls of the property.

Parents will be held responsible for the actions of their children.

Section 3

Pets are allowed if they do not cause any inconvenience towards other residents through noise, smell or mess. Dogs must be kept on a leash. It is not permitted to exercise the dog on the property’s area. Dogs are not allowed in the laundrette. Any feeding of wild birds and cats is prohibited.

Section 4

It is not allowed to shake table cloths, carpets, etc. from balconies or windows.

Mounting of satellite dishes, antennas, etc., drying and hanging clothes, blankets and any form of storage on balconies is only permitted up to the height of the parapet and must not be visible from the outside.

Awnings may be installed, if they are placed under the balcony ceiling. The awning fabric must be blue/white striped.

It is prohibited to throw any object from balconies and windows.

It is prohibited to use grills on the balcony. There is a space for grilling in the garden.

Section 5

It is prohibited to place bicycles, strollers or other objects on landings, stairs, in corridors or in cellars. Bicycles must be placed in the bicycle parking or in the bicycle racks on the property. The bicycle parking is reserved for bicycles that are used frequently. Bicycles that are not used frequently must be kept in the private storage spaces in the cellar. Bicycles are not permitted in elevators. Bike riding is prohibited on the property.

Mopeds, scooters, etc. are not permitted in cellars due to the risk of fire.

Car parking in the garage facility is only permitted in designated spaces. It is prohibited to use the garage facility for car repairs if such repairs cause noise, oil spills, etc. Only registered cars may be parked on the property. Cars in the driveway is prohibited.

Section 6

The waste chute may only be used for ordinary household waste in bags or packed in a safe manner, in order for the chute not to be contaminated or clogged. It is prohibited to use the chute during the hours from 22:00 to 06:00. It is prohibited to leave bottles, glass, etc. on the property. Please use containers near supermarkets or in the area. Small branches, cardboard boxes and similar dry waste can be thrown in the container placed by the elevator in the cellar.

Newspapers and magazines must be thrown in the containers for this purpose.

Waste, which is not removed as part of the ordinary waste, must be removed at the residents’ own expense.

The boiler man’s instructions in this regard must always be observed.

Large-sized waste must be kept by the residents until pick-up is announced.

Section 7

Landing doors, stairway doors, cellar doors and laundrettes doors must remain closed/locked at all times.

Due to the risk of fire, it is prohibited to keep flammables in cellar rooms.

Section 8

It is only allowed to play music in a way that does not cause any nuisance to neighbours. It is prohobited to play music when windows or balcony doors are open. It is only allowed to play very low music during evening and night hours.

Hammering, thumping and the use of drills on weekdays is prohibited during the hours between 19:30 and 08:00.

On Sundays and holidays such activities are completely prohibited.

Section 9

The property’s laundry is only for residents and it is not allowed to do laundry for other people. The laundry must be used in accordance with the rules posted.

Any damage/break-down must be reported to the boiler mans immediately.

Damages caused by the user must be paid for by the user.

Use of the property’s laundry takes place at the user’s responsibility.

Section 10

Smoking is prohibited in elevators and in indoors public rooms, such as all cellar areas and common areas on ground floors and on the individual floors.

This prohibition also covers the areas around the elevators which are otherwise situated near open space.

Smoking is prohibited (due to the risk of fire) in the lower floor of the garage facility.

Smoking is only allowed in outdoor areas, on the parking deck and in apartments.

Section 11

Clogged drains are sorted at the resident’s own expense. All break-downs, including malfunction of elevators, electricity, water and heating supply and blown pipes, etc. must be reported to the boiler man as soon as possible. The resident is financially liable for damages caused by late reporting.

Section 12

All residents must show due consideration to other residents and not cause any nuisance to neighbours.

Section 13

Residents must at any time stay informed about the regulations that the Owners’ Association’s board, administrator and boiler man adopt in order to maintain peace and quiet on the property.

Residents who lease out their apartment are under an obligation to present a copy of the house rules to the tenant.

Adopted pursuant to property regulations as adopted by the board, most recently on 21 of November 2011 and smoking prohibition pursuant to the annual general meeting on 26 March 2007.

Please note that this English version is for information purposes only.

Only the Danish version has a legal status.