Board of owners

Kasper Theodor Sørensen (Chairman)
Jeanet Saabye
Ina Thorndal
David Holle
Stine Holst Pedersen

Mads Anderson (alternate member)
Thomas Guntofte (alternate member)


EF Østerpark and Realmæglerne Nordre Frihavnsgade 77 have agreed upon a fixed fee of 34.900,- for sales of apartments within the owner’s union.

Nordre Frihavnsgade 77
København Ø
Tlf.: 43582100


The price for parking spaces (upper deck) is: Internal/external 937,50/1.500 kr. pr. quarter.
The price for a space in the garage (lower deck) is: Internal/external 1.875/2.625 kr. pr. quarter.

Furthermore there are motorcycle spaces in the garage (lower deck):

The price for for a motorcycle space (lower deck) is: Internal/external 937,50/1.312,50 kr. pr. quarter.

On top of that comes deposit for the space and keys, as well as administrative fees for the administrator and caretaker regarding the re-renting.